About Us

Love Bath is a brand dedicated to helping you explore Bath in the best way possible. We have a team of professional content creators who have lived in the city their whole lives. We know secret locations that tourists don’t uncover, we know the best places to try scrumptious food and we have contacts in the city that give us a heads up about the most popular upcoming events.

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Our Why

We want to help tourists, travellers and backpackers to experience Bath in the most authentic way possible, all while helping small businesses, local events and the cities tourism in general. We do this through informative, and enjoyable content that pushes people to come visit the United Kingdom’s most beautiful city.

Our Experts

Love Bath hand picks local experts to work with to produce high quality, informational and entertaining content about the city of Bath.

brandon saltalamacchia
Brandon Saltalamacchia


Brandon is a local entrepreneur who was born and raised in Bath. He now wants to turn Love Bath into the best resource for exploring the city, with community being at the forefront of the brand.

amy watkins
Amy Watkins

Local Journalist

Amy is an award-winning travel writer born and bred in Bath. She has written for national newspapers and magazines from The Guardian to the Mail on Sunday. Now she is helping travellers explore Bath one story at a time.

natalie paris
Natalie Paris

Hotel Expert

Natalie has more than a decade’s experience of writing and editing for the nationals; working for print, online, news and features, mainly at the Daily Telegraph. She typically specialises in reviewing hotels from around the world.

Melissa Blease

Food & Beverage Expert

Melissa has 30+ years of published freelance writing and is a regular contributor to several local and national publications, typically specialising in restaurants and food/beverage reviews.