6 Best Barber Shops In Bath In 2023

best barber shops in bath

Bath is filled with a wide selection of barber shops, they are dotted all around the city and many of them feature their own special styles and techniques.

But what are the best barber shops in Bath and which are best suited to you?

I have lived in and around the city for close to 30 years now, so it’s safe to say I have had my fair share of testing out barber shops in my time.

Alongside my experience we have also asked our Twitter community to send over their recommendations, giving you an insight into what places the Bath residents use when they need a fresh trim.

Let’s “cut” to the case.

1. The Guildhall Barbershop

Credit: Somerset Live

The barber shop I personally visit the most is The Guildhall Barbershop, it has been around for years and is located in the beautiful guild hall which is surrounded by small independent shops. You’ll find coffee shops, pet shops, books shops and even a local leather worker that makes impressive belts.

This barber shop is a little tucked away, but is a hidden gem for those looking to get haircut in the centre of the city.

The Guildhall Barbershop is run by Husni, a talented barber that can produce high quality cuts with a wide number of different styles. Get to know him and he’s a friendly, warm gentlemen who loves talk about the city and always asks questions about how you have been, how the family is and what you are up to.

He makes the experience, and there’s never long wait lines because he accepts pre-bookings, so I am never sat down for more than a couple of minutes before I am getting my hair cut.

They setup is great, with high quality products, comfortable chairs and a mirrors that lets you watch the hustle and bustle of the guild hall while you’re sat down.

Heck, he’ll even offer you a lollipop if you have been a good client!

Booking Information

Address: 34 Guildhall Market, High Street, Bath, BA24AW

2. Sanctuary Barbers

jay sanctuary barbers

We had the privilege of interviewing Jay from Sanctuary Barbers in October, and he shared with us his goal of creating a barbershop with included mental health therapy sessions.

Jay opened up Sanctuary Barbers in August 2022 with a goal of helping the men of Bath overcome mental struggles. Not only is Jay a talented barber that is in the process of building an incredible shop, but he has also overcome disastrous struggles throughout his life.

He now wants to help others through the storm, to guide them out of the horrible situations that our own thoughts can get us into, and to help with that he has a private therapy room inside the barbershop for when customers want to talk deeper about their struggles.

You can have the choice of going for a simple cut, or you can go as deep as you would like with Jay, comforting you and guiding you through whatever you want to talk about.

sanctuary barbers bath

We experience what Jay has to offer and it was a great experience that removes a magical weight off of your shoulders. The true power of his service is when its partnered with your recurring haircuts.

Every two weeks you go into his shop not only to freshen up your haircut, but to also freshen up your mind, and as the weeks go by you will likely find yourself being guided out of the storm by Jay,

This barber shop is one of Bath’s undiscovered gems, and one that I cannot speak more highly of. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Booking Information

Address: Sanctuary Barbers, 13 Northgate Street, Bath, BA15AS

3. Dappa

dappa bath

Another barber shop that I have used many of times is Dappa, primarily because they create some of the best cuts in the city, but also because I previously lived just a few doors away from this place for a couple of years on Argyle Street.

The barbers in this shop are incredibly professional and are genuinely passionate about cutting hair. They have had years of training and are always willing to talk, laugh and joke with you while you experience their immpecable service.

The shop is also very well planned out with a number of chairs to get cuts and a waiting area near the window to spectate the busy streets of Pulteney Bridge. It’s likely the team will offer to make you a coffee or if you’re like a craft beer.

Typical cuts last around 30 minutes long with a wash and range from £24 – £28, which is slightly above average for the city, but you’ll understand why when you experience the highly professional service the Dappa has to offer.

It’s located on Argyle Street, just on the other side of Pulteney Bridge which is also surrounded by other independent shops, a park to walk around, and if you keep heading up Pulteney Street, you can explore the Holburne Museum.

Booking Information

Address: 7 Argyle Street, Bath, BA24BA

Telephone: 01225 447929

4. Hackett’s Mens Hairdresser

hacketts barber bath

Hackett’s Hairdresser was recommended by many of Bath’s residents, it’s loved by the city and is located in Green hill Park, tucked away behind red doors.

Once you enter, you’ll be welcomed by the lovely staff and you’ll find comfortable seating in the waiting area, giving you time to take in the high ceilings and homely interior.

Hackett’s original opened in 1997, making it over 25 years old, one of Bath’s oldest and best barbers. They have welcomed thousands upon thousands of clients through their doors and the quality shows, because they keep going back.

Prices can vary, starting at £25 for a Dry Trim, and up to £35 for a full cut and re-style, this service requires booking but more often than not you can walk in to see if they are free.

It’s an all round reliable, high quality cut with plenty of seats, so you know they have plenty of staff to get through “peak times”, and theres a Sainsbury’s just around the corner so you can tie it onto a shopping trip too!

Booking Information

Address: Hacketts, 5 Green Park Station, Bath, BA11JB

Phone Number: 01225 465200

5. La Barbier

le barbier bath

Le Barbier was also another recommended barber from many of our Twitter community, it seems to are loved by many and we completely understand why.

Le Barbier is a luxury barber located on Walcot Street, a popular destination for independent shops, including one of the best coffee shops in Bath, so make sure to grab a cup when you’re done freshening up.

This unique barber shop doesn’t do just haircuts, they can also to hot towel shaves, waxing, manicures and even a massage in their sister shop the Le Barbier Spa Room. How cool is that?

So you could use this location as an all in one if you want to treat yourself to some of their relaxing services.

Haircuts from this luxury barber start at approximately £34, but you can stack on a 30 minute massage for a total of just £64 per person. The luxury service does come with a luxury price, but it’s completely worth it and it makes the experience of getting a haircut a far more therapeutic day out.

And let’s be honest, us guys need a good massage now and then, so why not go all in.

Booking Information

Address: 118A Walcot Street, Bath, BA15BG

Phone Number: 01225 284023

6. Bath Barber Company

bath barber company

A barber shop that has been open for more than 25 years and located just opposite the train station is Bath Barber Company, one of the best barber shops in Bath, hands down.

It also has a unique story that I will quickly share. It’s ran by Mike and Colino who were both trainee barbers in Bath for many years, their friendships grew and they eventually had a conversation about making a business together.

Just 24 hours later they found a shop that was up for grabs near the train station, and they went all in. They were say young and so new to building a business that their parents had to be guarantors!

Now 25 years later they are best friends and plan on cutting the residents of Bath’s hair for many more years. The shop is located perfectly between the train station and the shops on Dorchester Street.

Prices are also very competitive attracting many students and fine folk who want to save a few pennies.

Prices range from £15 – £25 for adult cuts, which is a cracking deal! This is one of Bath’s great independent shops, and we applaud them for what they have done for the city.

Booking Information

Address: 16 Dorchester St, Bath, BA11SS

Phone Number: 01225 330292

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