Bath Entrepreneurs Launch UK’s First AI-Powered Home Discovery App

jitty bath

Jitty has sponsored this article to inform Bath locals about their new home discovery application that makes finding your next home as easy as possible.

I had the privilege of meeting up with Graham, one of three Jitty co-founders for a coffee at Cortado Cafe a couple of weeks ago to chat about their new application that was built and launched in Bath recently whici is now available on iOS and Android.

This application is designed to use artificial intelligence to help locals find new homes to buy in the area using a modern, and easy to understand user interface with information that matters simple to find.

They have been backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund allowing Jitty to invest in a silky smooth application and marketing to get users to experience their app.

Jitty wants to provide a superior, and more transparent view of every home on the market, compared to their competition with simple shareability features and curated content-discovery.

jitty app screen

Unlike existing property portals, which haven’t changed since the MySpace generation, Jitty has been built with self-confessed property addicts and home-buyers at heart… and the best part, they live in Bath!

Because of that Jitty has launched in our beloved city and has more coverage of the local market than large names like Zoopla, allowing you to deep dive into many properties throughout the city.

Jitty users can collaborate, share information with loved ones, create shortlists and notes on each property they like, and understand even more about the home that is listed and its value before making an appropriate offer. Many more exciting social and discovery features are set to roll-out across 2024 too.

Jitty will not charge estate agents fees to list properties or receive enquiries, enabling the product design to focus on matching home-buyer’s requirements, and showing the best homes for the individual – helping people to find their dream home. 

The powerful AI-powered search engine uses LLM (large-language model) technologies, as well computer-vision, to read floor plans, and understand photos and descriptions of homes. Because of this, Jitty has the ability to cross-reference information with publicly available databases and third party services, to provide users with an exceptional level of detail. 

The property search engine, which had over 2500 people on its waiting list prior to launch, is built to enable home-buyers to search and manage the process all in one place. 

Graham Paterson, CEO and co-founder says: “All three co-founders have bought homes in the last few years, and we couldn’t believe how bad the process is at every single stage. Some parts (like being in a chain or having complex legal issues) are tricky to solve, but just being able to understand the market with a great user experience should be easy. 

We didn’t understand why booking a holiday, renting an apartment overseas, or buying a book online had better usability than buying a home for several hundred thousand pounds. We’ve set out to give home-buyers, and those who simply love enjoying property content, the fantastic experience they deserve, by giving them a suite of tools to help every step of the way. 

This is just the start, we are listening to our users at every step of the way and will be sharing some exciting new features throughout 2024.”

You can check out Jitty for yourself by downloading the free app on iOS and Android.

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