5 Popular Bridgerton Filming Locations in Bath

bridgerton filming locations in bath

Eagle-eyed fans of the steamy period drama Bridgerton might have spotted some famous Bath locations on the Netflix series!

Set in the Regency Era (1813), Bridgerton tells the story of well-to-do families in London’s Mayfair who are navigating the tricky world of high society, all captured in the society papers written by the mysterious Lady Whistledown. 

Season three is currently being filmed (with crews spotted in Bath again) and the city had a starring role doubling as London in seasons one and two with 70 scenes being filmed across 14 locations. 

Wondering where Bridgerton is filmed? Here are some of the Bridgerton filming locations in Bath where you can live out Lady Whistledown’s world.

Abbey Green

Bridgerton Filming Locations abbey green bath

Abbey Green’s 17th Century courtyard is a great starting point for any Bridgeron location spotting as it’s home to the easily recognizable Modiste, Madam Delacroix’s dress shop, which features heavily in all seasons as a source of gossip for Lady Whistledown. 

You’ll actually find Abbey Deli behind the picturesque shopfront, so pop in to fuel up for your filming tour with a cream tea. 

The cobbled streets of Abbey Green have featured as Covent Garden square as characters walk through ‘London’ catching up on gossip.

You might recognize the archway near M&S where the Duke had a drunken stumble after a night at the Horse and Hop, or the doorway (next door to Modiste) where Anthony Bridgerton had his passionate embrace with his lover, opera singer Siena, in season 1.

Royal Crescent

bridgerton royal crescent bath

A gift to film scouts, the Georgian semi-circle of the Royal Crescent has been used for many period dramas and in Bridgerton it is a stand in for London’s Grosvenor Square. It is also showcased as the Featherington’s residence, which is actually Number 1 Royal Crescent, a Georgian house made into a museum that you can visit in real life!

The front of the house looks a little different on TV thanks to the addition of a CGI balcony and other embellishments, but taking a stroll along the crescent is sure to take you back in time.

The Holburne Museum

Behold Lady Danbury’s house, which made many an appearance in season two as the home of Kate and Edwina Sharma. 

You’ll even find a Bridgerton ‘frame’ in the garden outside so you can get your perfect pic. Situated at the end of Great Pulteney Street, the grand grade 1 listed building was originally built in 1795 as a hotel but it now houses an art museum after Sir Thomas William Holburne bequeathed his art collection to the people of Bath in the late 1800s.

Now you can check out the modern extension for a taste of contemporary Bath, too. 

Central Bath

bridgerton filming locations bath central

Even in the opening credits there are sweeping views of the city, such as the colonnades of Bath Street (aka the bit between Primark and the Thermae Bath Spa), and this iconic street makes another memorable appearance in the scene where we first meet the Duke as he rides on horseback down the cobbled street. 

Nearby are Beauford Square and Trim Street, two classically Georgia areas that became ‘London’ as a backdrop for Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton on their many strolls around the city.  

Trim Street is also home to ‘Gunter’s Tea Shop’, which is based on a real tea shop that was in Berkeley Square in London (in Bath the shop is a hairdresser called 12 Trim Street).

Ballroom Interiors

bridgerton filming bath

Bath’s incredible architecture makes it an ideal stand-in for Regency London, but you’ll also find the interiors of some of the city’s buildings have starring roles. 

The historic 18th Century Guildhall’s ornate Banquet Hall appears as the location for the Rambury Ball, and the Assembly Rooms’s hall hosted Lady Danbury’s ball in season one (fitting, as the rooms were built in 1771 for high society gatherings such as this).

You can visit them all for a peek into the past! Maybe you’ll even meet your prince or princess there.

That’s a look at some of the best Bridget filming locations in Bath!

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