10 Best Date Ideas In Bath (All Tested)

best date ideas in bath

Bath is by far one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and is known by the south west to be a perfect romantic retreat for couples wanting to experience the thrill of exploring a new location.

Head to the weir on weekends and you’ll likely see brides and grooms taking photographs, head to hidden cozy pubs and it will be packed with couples.

This city has incredible locations to feel the love, and that’s why I am going to share with you some of the best date ideas in Bath for those wanting a great one on one experience.

I also throw in some of my own personal favourites where I have taken my partner to throughout my years of living in Bath.


Tivoli is one of the best cinemas in Bath, in fact, I am going to call it the best. Tivoli has been built with luxury in mind, providing film enthusiasts with incredible cocktails, impressive food and a cinema experience like no other.

Tivoli prides itself in creating a calming movie experience that goes for small in quantity, and large in quality.

The largest room will hold just 50 people, whereas their private rooms can hold a tiny 12 people.

No longer will there be people talking over the important parts, or popcorn being chomped in your ear, this is by far one of the most luxurious ways to watch movies.

The best bit? They will take your drinks and food orders and deliver it to you just before the movie starts, meaning you can sip on cocktails and eat incredible steak will digesting your favourite movie.

They can do this because each seat comes with a small table and lantern, allowing you to eat comfortably and see exactly what you are eating, all while being dark enough to see the high quality laser focused cinema screen.

Before hand you can experience their incredible bar and cafe in a comfortable setting that feels like a luxury home from the past. This place will not disappoint.

Tickets cost anywhere between £15 – £22 per person.

Booking Information

Address: Tivoli Bath, 6-8 Dorchester St, Southgate, Bath, BA11SS

2. Roman Baths

roman baths

It wouldn’t be a guide to Bath without the infamous Roman Bath’s now would it?

This is a mandatory location for those visiting, and those who have lived in Bath for sometime, you’ll be surprised how many locals haven’t been to take a look!

At £25 per person it is a little pricey, but makes for the perfect date location in Bath. It’s really as magnificent as they say.

The Roman Baths collection contains thousands of archaeological finds from pre-Roman and Roman Britain. You can experience what it was like to live during that age and witness the incredible hot baths that the romans personally used.

It’s one of Bath’s most stunning experiences, especially for those that want to discover more about the city.

Booking Information

Address: Abbey Churchyard, Bath, BA11LZ

Phone Number: 01225 477785

3. The Beneath

the beneath bath

This is an experience for those wanting to go all out. Perhaps it’s a group date day or you have an endless budget, either way The Beneath is an exclusive cocktail making experience below The Botanist.

The Botanist is a restaurant and bar the serves the best bottomless brunch in Bath. They also cater to parties and couples who want to learn the ways of the cocktail maker.

It is run by talented individuals who show you how to make incredible elixers that taste far better than words can describe.

Matched with the underground intimate settings of Bath’s under-city, it makes for an incredible experience that will never be forgotten.

Think of it as a VIP experience of Bath’s most talented cocktail makers, teaching you how to do what they do, hand in hand.

Booking Information

Address: No 25, The Octagon, Milsom St, Bath, BA11BZ

Phone Number: 01225 632577

4. The Griffin

the griffin bath

This is a personal location that I think is the perfect pub for a couples date, and is actually my favourite pub of the city.

It’s called The Griffin and it’s an incredibly homely pub, with warm vibes and a great selection of locally sourced beverages and food.

The reason I love it, is quite simply because it feels like home and the small nature of the pub makes it very intimate that its hard not to talk to fellow pub go’ers, locals and other double dates.

They even have board games for you to play on and in the winter they even have mulled wine and mulled cider ready to keep you and your partner warm.

It’s also very well kept. Everything is clean, there’s comfortable chairs, glowing candles, local plants and lots of wood to give it a “winter cabin” aesthetic which I love.

It’s one of the best date ideas in Bath for those wanting to save some pennies yet enjoy an intimate evening in a cosy pub with board games, wine and great snacks.

Booking Information

Address: Monmouth St, Bath, BA12AP

Phone Number: 01225 420919

5. Boom Battle Bar

boom battle bar

The Boom Battle Bar is new to to the city, and with the UK’s ever growing hype for Axe Throwing, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into the city and into this date ideas in Bath article.

This is the place to go if you’re looking to relieve some stress and to see if your date is a little crazy or not.

The Boom Battle Bar has a wide selection of activities such as axe throwing, darts, beer pong, crazy golf, shuffle boars and more, all partnered with a large bar.

They even have a wide selection of food too from burgers to wings to sandwiches, it’s a great location to spend a couple of hours playing games and eating your way into the evening.

It’s also a good choice if you’re doing double dates too, as most games are better with a larger group.

Prices start at £30 per person, this varies depending on what activity you choose and how long for.

Booking Information

Address: Units 2 & 3, Kingsmead Leisure Complex, 5-10 James St W, Bath, BA12BX

Phone Number: 01225 634001

6. Sweet Little Things

sweet little things bath

Sweet Little Things is one of the best date locations in Bath if you want to keep it casual and want to experience a incredibly pink coffee shop that makes very impressive cakes.

It’s a perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth. They also sell freshly baked goods and do a cracking cream tea too!

In the summer they have outdoor seating, and even space inside for you enjoy.

Their menu is filled with mainly sweet treats, but they can also make other dishes such as avocado toast. eggs benedict, and even hot ciabattas for lunch, heck they even do Bottomless Afternoon Tea!

It’s located in the middle of the city, adjacent to shops and pubs, making it the perfect starter spot for a date day. You can’t miss it because its the pinkest storefront in the city!

Booking Information

Address: 6 Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA11QR

Phone Number: 01225 571580

7. Boat Cruise

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a calming boat tour up the Weir to take on the incredible wildlife and the impressive views.

Throughout the summer seasons a local boat cruise known as Pulteney Cruises takes off almost every hour under Pulteney Bridge, they are the longest established boat tour in Bath, so you’re in good hands!

This tour will take you under the stunning Pulteney Bridge and north up the weir. Withint he hour you will cruise up the River Avon into the beautiful village of Bathampton.

You can take in the views, sip on coffee from the onboard café and say hello to the local herons, kingfishers and maybe even some adorable otters!

On the way back you’ll receive an informative commentary from a local expert, telling you all about the history of Bath and how the weir was used for when the city was developing.

Prices start at £11 per person, and £5 for children, making it one of the more affordable date ideas in Bath.

Booking Information

Address: Pulteney weir, Bathwick, Bath, BA24AT

8. Bath Rugby

Credit: Bath Rugby

One of the most popular activities in Bath, and one of the best times to see the cities streets flooded with locals is our local rugby games!

Bath Rugby is an incredible experience and is by far one of the best date ideas in Bath to do when in season. This year Bath has some incredible local games coming up, against well known teams and well known players.

Bath’s stadium is located in the middle of the city next to the weir, just a 5 minute walk from all of the shops, bars, and nightclubs that the city has to offer.

The season typically starts in early September and goes on until the end of April, so there’s plenty of time to plan and get it booked.

Tickets start at around £35 per person, depending on where you are sitting. As a local I recommend paying the extra to be seated in the “Gem Stand”, this is the stand closest to the weir (for easy entrance) and it is covered meaning you’ll stay dry when it rains.

This is an experience you will never forget, and its the best time to witness the city at its most active. The streets will be filled with chants, and the pubs overflown with locals.

It’s a must do for any couples wanting a big date day idea in Bath.

Booking Information

Address: Pulteney Mews, Bathwick, Bath, BA24DS

Phone Number: 01225 337952

9. Paddle boarding

Credit: Original Wild (and featured image)

For those that like their adventure sports, this is one of the best date ideas in Bath!

A small outdoors company in Bath known as Original Wild organise paddle boarding tours up the weir and a stones throw away from Pulteney Bridge.

The guide will meet you just a 10 minute walk down the weir, they’ll set you up, and take you through the beautiful waters of Bath, past the incredible architecture, a view of the abbey and then the big finale of the weir.

It’s great for all levels of paddle boarders, and they even do group events too, for those of you that want to do group dates. Heck, they even have a paddle board big enough for 8 people at once!

It’s a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget, and thankfully its ran by an awesome team that will make you laugh the whole way.

Prices start at around £20 per person and lasts up to two hours.

Booking Information

Address: Original Wild, Victoria Bridge Rd, Bath, BA23FL

Phone Number: 01225 582181

10. Escape Room

bath escape room

And finally last, but not least for our best date ideas in Bath is an escape room!

Instead of sitting down for your date day, a good experience within the city that will get your brain and your feet moving is the local Escape Room.

This may or may not break the relationship, and its best played with 4 -7 people, making it a great choice for group date days.

If you both come out together will a smile on your face you know you have a keeper!

My personal favourite escape room within the city is Escape 4 Fun, which just so happens to be right next to the Griffin, which was number 4 on this list, making it an easy “escape” when you are finished with the complexed puzzles.

This escape room often changes its escape room themes to keep things fresh. The staff are great and will often give you some hints should you be stuck and it takes you through a compact Bathonian house, filled with puzzles and clues to tease you on through the challenge.

I don’t want to spoil anything but its great fun that lasts just over an hour, and I think any date would appreciate this experience, especially with other friends/dates.

Prices start at £25 per person, and it’s open all year round.

Booking Information

Address: 7 High St, Bath, BA14BX

Phone Number: 07470 630805

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