10 Best Indian Restaurants In Bath (Ranked By A Local)

best indian restaurants in bath

India is roughly the size of Europe, with a climate, culture and topography that’s hundreds of times more diverse – about as opposite as you can get to a description of the city of Bath, then.

But here’s the link: many of Bath’s best Indian restaurants are institutions either long-established or newly defining a genre that artfully, thoughtfully, intelligently moves with the times while defining a legacy for the Heritage City.

Looking for the Best Indian Restaurants in Bath? A delightful voyage of discovery awaits you.

if an Indian doesn’t tickle your taste buds, perhaps take a look at our best Thai restaurants in Bath list!

1. The Mint Room

mint room bath

Situated at the heart of an urban axis defined by a Holiday Inn Express and a garage forecourt, The Mint Room doesn’t initially look very promising.

But a subtly glamorous, urbane experience – all twinkly lights, shimmering bling, sparkly flourishes and superb service – awaits you, supplemented by a rooftop cocktail terrace offering urban cityscape views that make you feel like you’re in uptown NY rather than downtown BA2.

The Mint Room kitchen team are masters of the art of immaculately presented modern Indian cookery at its very, very best; whether you’re in the mood for a banqueting voyage of discovery or a proper, traditional curry, menus represent a wholly authentic celebration of the massive culinary and cultural diversity of the largest subcontinent in the world.

Competent, confident and audaciously inspirational, it’s not difficult to work out why The Mint Room thrives at the top of multiple Best Indian Restaurant in Bath charts.  

Address: Longmead Gospel Hall, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3EB

2. Bandook Kitchen

Situated at the heart of Milsom Place – an ancient-meets-modern urban sanctuary based around a historic cobbled courtyard, home to a variety of independent businesses, high street flagship stores and restaurants – and bought to you by the same team behind The Mint Room (see above), Bandook Kitchen fills a big gap in the Bath eating out scene by blending upper-crust modern Indian dining with a casual, affordable ethos that’s effortlessly uplifting.

From street food and small plates to full-on big dishes with a big history taking in dosas, chaats, pavs and all kinds of tantalising gotta-try-thats along the way, there’s something for everybody from the timid to the temerarious here, to be enjoyed within colourful, vibrant surroundings indoors or on the super-pretty heated, fairy light-lit alfresco courtyard.

And take note, party people: the cocktails here are magnificent. 

Address: 3-7 Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1BZ

3. The Sepoy Club

the sepoy club bath

“Sepoy”: an Indian soldier who served in the British Indian Army during the colonial period.

The Sepoy Club: the latest contender to the Best Indian Restaurant in Bath throne, established in 2023.

This subtly glamorous, elegantly tranquil restaurant is already highly regarded for specialising in authentic, traditional Indian specialities (the Fauji Canteen Goat Curry is superb) alongside fascinating fusion dishes such as Venison Doughnuts, Tandoori Pineapple Broccoli and Duck Seekh Kebabs, taking in all manner of curries, tandooris and superb fish and vegetarian options along the way.

Fully laden platters offer the perfect passport to a voyage around The Sepoy Club’s mission to “transport diners to the rich and vibrant world of Indian cuisine”, while flexible dining areas from bar to cosy booths by way of party-perfect spaces and even a Mess Hall makes sure that all-comers are offered membership to this very special club. 

Address: York Buildings, Broad Street, Bath BA1 5LW

4. The Grand Eastern

grand eastern bath

Focusing on custom and convention rather than cutting-edge innovation within the confines of a grandiose, historic, cavernous first floor dining room, the Grand Eastern’s gracefully refined ambience and familiar cuisine-theme has successfully defied contemporary trends, changing little over decades on the Best Indian Restaurants in Bath charts.

Grand menus cover all Bengali bases here, with every dish described in meticulous detail and chilli ratings guiding diners towards or away from the hotspots.

All the curry house classics are all present and correct, while lesser-spotted dishes such as Khazana Poppyrus, Satkara and Jhinga Hara Pyaz on the Signature Specialities and House Exclusives offer much for adventurous foodies to get excited about. Looking for a Bengali bargain?

Set menu options and deals (lunch and dinner) offer particularly good value for money.

Address: 8a Quiet Street, Bath BA1 2JS

5. Mantra

mantra bath

‘Progressive Indian Cuisine’? Don’t be daunted by Mantra’s erm, mantra; you’re not straying too far off the familiar Indian restaurant territory here, just taking a little trip down a discovery-laden byway at the top of the lively George Street strip.

Menus in this spacious split-level restaurant (complete with glorious alfresco terrace to the rear) focus on healthy options, seasonal ingredients and fresh produce to recreate the diverse flavour, textures and styles of India’s regional cuisines.

As a result, the selection veers away from the traditional korma/jalfrezi/tikka masala/etc array in favour of dishes such as Punjabi-style saffron paneer, Hyderabadi Chilli Chicken and Amritsari Chickpeas, with unexpected, unique combinations such as Mumbai-style Nachos and Gin-drizzled Char-Grilled King Prawns adding further fascination along the way. 

Address: 5 Bladud Buildings, The Paragon, Bath BA1 5LS

6. Indian Temptation

Set in a gracious, airy, first floor period dining room partially overlooking Bath Abbey, Indian Temptation tempts even the most committed carnivore to indulge in an astounding array of vegetarian and/or 100% vegan dishes that fully encapsulate the abundance of flavours, textures and personality that makes authentic Indian cuisine enduringly popular.

The dosas here are spectacular, as are the Mini Uttapam (lentil pizzas), the Kathal (jackfruit) Kebabs and the Kashu (cashew nut) Curry – even the Ginger Rice side order is a soul-soothing treat.

Meanwhile, if you’ve previously eschewed Vegetable Korma in favour of a more ‘grown up’ experience, allow Chef Vinod’s Signature Dish to challenge your perceptions of the korma genre.

There’s a dedicated gluten-free menu available too, alongside an impressive organic, vegetarian/vegan wine list, all of which combines to allow Indian Temptation a top ranking on the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bath charts too.

Address: 9-10 High Street, Bath BA1 5AQ

7. Panahar

panahar bath

Hoorah, hoorah, we’re going to Panahar: a stalwart of the fiercely independent, bustling Moorland Road high street just over 1 mile/1.6k south of the city centre, conveniently serviced by multiple bus routes and its own railway station (Oldfield Park).

This friendly, unpretentious, traditional little curry house is much-loved by locals, students and folk who have happily hiked across Bath for 30+ years to enjoy fabulously fresh incarnations of all the fave-rave curry house classics from mild-mannered Kormas and Kashmirs to fierce Jalfrezis and Vindaloos by way of all the Baltis, Sagwalis, Biryanis, Tandooris, Shashliks (etc) that you can shake a Sheekh Kebab at.

Portions are generous so say the least (most of the starters easily serve two people), service is cheerfully efficient and your bar tab is up to you: we’re on corkage-free BYO territory here.

Address: 8 Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath BA2 3PL

8. Bikano’s

bikanos indian restaurant bath

This cheerful little Indian restaurant based in the lively Widcombe enclave (immediately south-east of the city, just over the bridge behind Bath Spa Railway Station) ticks all the neighbourhood Indian bistro boxes: friendly service, wallet-friendly prices and super-fresh food based on a classic Indian cross-continent motif.

Vegetarians are particularly well-catered for at Bikano’s – the Paneer Butter Masala is divine, the Dosa’s rock and the Daal Makhani is richly satisfying enough to earn itself main course superstar status.

On a meatier theme, both the just-tingly-enough Lamb Madras and the Home Style Chicken Curry are highly recommended and the Rajasthani Laal Maans is a proper tastebud firestarter… oh, and there are Masala Chips in the ‘Extras’ section too. Looking for lunch?

Go Thali! Beautifully-presented little bits of all-kinds-of-everything for one, all-in price. 

Address: Bikano’s, 25 Claverton Buildings, Bath BA2 4LD

9. Curry Mahal

curry mahal bath

This unassuming, traditional little curry house tucked away in a terraced row on the elegant Lansdown Road slope northward(ish) of Bath city centre just a short amble away from the Assembly Rooms is easy to overlook in the search for Indian sub-continent satiation.

But Curry Mahal has thrived on the Bath’s Best Indian Restaurant charts for 18+ years, earning it a loyal following from legions of dedicated regulars who know that it’s impossible to find a better Butter Chicken in Bath.

The restaurant may be small (just 38 covers) but it’s properly perfectly formed, from warm, welcoming interior (get those pretty-in-pink walls!) and vibe to the easy-to-navigate menu of classic and speciality Indian dishes – the Garlic Curry is a blast for garlic-lovers, the Thalis tantalising and the chef’s unique, apple-infused Chicken Hara Masala a genuine one-off. 

Address: 31 Belvedere, Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 5HR

10. Chaiwalla

chai walla indian restaurant

Okay, so we’re cheating a bit with this one, as Chaiwalla is about as far removed from being a restaurant as you can get: it’s actually a tiny little booth adjacent to the Sainsbury’s Local on the edge of Kingsmead Square specialising in super-fresh, meat-free Indian grab’n’go options – yup, the Best Street Food in Bath.

But seriously, one nibble of a richly-caramelised samosa or one slurp of a velvety, comforting Channa Dal will have you appropriating a nearby bench and going for broke (which you can’t actually ever do, because even a full-on main course here won’t set you back more than circa £4-5) and ordering a Samosa Chaat (chickpea curry crumbled with samosa, topped with crunchy noodles and dotted with tamarind sauce), or a spicy, saucy salad. Even the Chai makes a visit to this lovely, lively pitstop a must when in Bath city centre.

Three cheers for Chaiwalla!

Address: 42 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 1EN

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