10 Best Pubs In Bath In 2024 (Ranked By A Local)

best pubs in bath

Being born in Bath, and recently hitting the ripe age of 30, I can comfortably say (and not proudly) that I have been to almost every single pub in the city.

Many of the best pubs in Bath are well known, but some… not so much. I am here to help you explore some of the best locations for you to sip down a crispy pint of cider, regenerate with a morning coffee or munch on some good ol’ local pub grub.

Here are my personal favourites that the city has to offer.

1. The Griffin

the griffin bath

The Griffin is a personal favourite of mine and has been a pub I go to regularly with friends and family.

It’s a small pub located in the city centre, and has a very warm, cosey vibe, almost like you’re in someones house having a pint, reading a newspaper and chatting with locals that like to complain about the pesky seagulls.

The Griffin is a Georgian inn that has been running for almost 300 years now, and with a recent refurb in early 2023, it looks better than ever on the inside.

They have a great selection of local ales and ciders, with their selection of spirits sprawled across the back wall of the pub.

The Griffin doesn’t just serve drinks, it also serves high quality food, great Sunday Roasts and there’s even a bed and breakfast upstairs for those of you that want to explore the city after you’ve filled up!

The staff are always more than happy to have a chat too and because it’s a fairly small pub it’s always lively, even in the week! There’s something magical about this pub, and you’ll feel it before you finish your first drink, I promise.

Address: The Griffin Inn, Monmouth Street, Bath, BA12AP

2. The Raven

the raven pub bath

The Raven is a mandatory visit if you’re exploring Bath, especially since they have expanded and renovated their space in 2023 to a superb standard.

The pub is now scattered across multiple floors, with multiple bars and even a top floor library for those that want a more relaxed vibe and to natter with local book enthusiasts over a freshly brewed ale.

The Raven is well known for making some of the best pies in the city, and have a selection of every changing ales from around the local area, it’s very likely that you’ll see a different selection every day.

Because the pub is located over a few different levels, every level is different and keeps the comfortable, close-knit vibe that you want from a local pub, just like The Griffin.

The owners are always involved in local markets, and will pull out chairs and tables into the streets whenever they can, creating a fun community-vibe every time the City has an event.

Address: The Raven, 6 – 7 Queen Street, Bath, BA11HE

3. The Boater

the boater pub bath

The Boater is probably the pub I have spent most time at, only because I lived next door to it for two years so it was the pub I went to for the first or last pint of the evening.

It’s also where I had my second date with my partner, so this pub is very sentimental to me in many ways!

Located near Pulteney Street it’s a stones throw away from the busy centre, but close enough to get to it in a couple of minutes. It’s also one of the busiest pubs in town when the rugby team is playing at The Rec, all thanks to its location.

Just like The Raven, The Boater is situated over two floors, with a bar on each, and the largest pub garden in the whole city that sits very close to the Weir.

What’s magical about this pub is that there’s always live sports, and in the summer there’s typically events happening in the Beer Garden, with the BBQ burning and good cider on tap.

I remember vividly going to the last World Cup, and The Boater had a huge projector, outdoor lights, food on the go, and flags for customers to use if and when we scored.

The Boater is at its best in the summer, so make sure to make a visit before or after your weir walk! It’s also ranked as one of our best dog friendly pubs in Bath too!

Address: The Boater, 9 Argyle Street, Bath, BA24BQ

4. The Bath Brew House

the bath brew house

Likely one of the busiest pubs in Bath on a weekend is The Bath Brew House, situated in the middle of town close to many of the student accommodation points and bus stops.

It’s one of the biggest pubs on this list, and even has a large outdoor section with lots of picnic benches, a outdoor bar and sometimes there’s even live music too.

Although The Bath Brew House isn’t the cheapest place to drink, they do have a wide selection of beverages, some superb food that I have explored far too regularly and even and upstairs bar for those that want to organise private events.

With plenty of seating and a long bar with plenty of staff it attracts many customers throughout the week. It’s a pub I go to with friends knowing that its likely we can get a seat, some munch and some good drinks.

You can’t go wrong here!

Address: 14 James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BX

5. The Crystal Palace

the crystal palace bath

Another classic with some interesting heritage is The Crystal Palace, located near The Roman Baths in the heart of the city.

The Crystal Palace has been a drinking location for many years, and sits on the infamous cobble stone streets of Bath, with a small outdoor drinking area to relax in.

For me personally, this pub serves some of the best food in town, from locally sourced Sunday Roasts, to fresh fish and chips, there’s something for everyone, and the dining area is in another room away from the local drinkers which is nice.

The winter is when The Crystal Palace truly shines, thanks to the local markets, the open-fire and the outdoor heaters, it becomes a home away from home, with lovely staff, super clean toilets and comfortable seating.

Add this one to your pub crawl, you won’t be disappointed.

Address: The Crystal Palace, 10-11 Abbey Green, Bath, BA1 1NW

6. The Pig & Fiddle

the pig and fiddle bath

The Pig & Fiddle is an under rated pub, located in the city centre with a habit for always being busy and having some kind of live music on the weekends. We had to add it to our best pubs in Bath list!

Recently renovated it also has outdoor space too, making it a great all year round pub. It’s fairly small, but again, like many on this list it adds to the magic of the pub.

They offer great food, comfortable seating, friendly staff, constant live sports and a wide selection of ales, ciders, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for you to choose from.

Because it’s located on Saracen Street you’re surrounded with great shops, lots of restaurants, a stones throw from the best nightclubs and Milsom Place for fancy dining/shopping.

Address: The Pig & Fiddle, 2 Saracen Street, Bath, BA15BR

7. West Gate

west gate pub bath

West Gate is my go to when I am watching popular sport events, from the Rugby to the World Cup to the Olympics, this pub has space, lots of TV’s and even an upstairs projector for everyone to watch.

It’s situated smack bang in the middle of the city, and has two floors, with a long bar on each, and plenty of seating for both large groups for drinking, and space to eat your own weight in food.

Although it’s not the most visually stunning pub, or even the cleanest pub in the city, I can’t help but appreciate the size of this place, there’s always a table to sit at, and you’ll always get served quickly at West Gate.

It’s the pub I find myself at a lot for a “quick one” before heading up town to the bars.

Address: 38 Westgate Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1EL

8. The Bell

the bell inn pub

The Bell is one of the most historic and community driven pubs in the city. It is owned by 500 of its own customers, workers and fans, and was purchased by the community back in 2013 with an aim of bringing it back to its glory days.

They have live music up to three times a week, making it an incredibly lively pub with lots of things going on throughout the entire year. Heck, they even have chess nights and billiards night too!

It’s a pub with constant atmosphere, fairly paid staff and constant local folk to talk too. The Bell is always finding ways to entertain the city, be it music, games, food or parties.

When we asked you on Twitter what the best pubs in Bath are, a lot of you demanded this one to be on this list, for good reason!

Address: The Bell Inn, 103 Walcot Street, Bath, BA15BW

9. The Grapes

the grapes pub bath

The Grapes has gone through constant change over the years, but it’s never changed in quality, if anything it’s getting better and better as the years go by, hence why its on our best pubs in Bath list!

This pub is located in the centre of Bath, and has kept its traditional vintage look for a long while now. The Grapes is well known for their lovely staff, seasons outdoor seating, and passion for live music.

You’re likely to hear this pub before you see it, especially on weekends!

They also specialise in local beverages too, from locally sourced cider, to freshly brewed ale from just down the road, there’s always something new to explore.

It’s also located near other pubs, bars and evening entertainment, so it makes a good pub to stop at should you be out for the long run!

Address: The Grapes, 14 Westgate St, Bath BA1 1EQ

10. The Hare & Hounds

hare and hounds bath pub

If you’re looking for one of the best pubs in Bath that is outside of the city centre, then there’s no better than The Hare & Hounds!

Located at the top of Landsdown Road this pub has an incredible outdoor space that overlooks the city. If you come here in the summer it’s filled with families, couple and groups of friends all enjoying the sun and the outdoor amenities.

It’s also renowned by selling incredible food, we actually rated this pub’s food one the best Sunday Roasts in Bath, it’s that good!

I like to think of the Hare and Hounds as a gastro pub with outdoor seating, and an outside bar that serves drinks and pizza in the summer. It feels like a friends garden party, but with style, elegance and classic Bath architecture.

Address: The Hare & Hounds, Lansdown Road, Bath BA15TJ

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