5 Best Airbnb’s In Bath In 2023

best airbnbs in bath

The city of Bath is an incredible place to explore, and even though there are some impressive hotels within the city, we’d also like to share with you the best Airbnb’s that Bath has to offer.

These stays will give you a unique take on the city, and we’ll even show you some hidden gems just on the outskirts, should you want to experience the incredible countryside (we advise you do).

These Airbnb’s range in price, and can host couples or even large families. Our team has tested a few of these Airbnb’s so you know you’re getting authentic opinions about these locations from fellow locals.

Let’s jump in, and take a look at the best Airbnb’s in Bath!

1. Luxury Rooftop Penthouse

luxury rooftop penthouse bath airbnb

I have lived in Bath my whole life, and I never knew you could rent a place like this. This is by far one of the best Airbnb’s in Bath for those of you that want views of the Abbey and to be smack back in the middle of…well, everything.

This a luxury rooftop escape with stunning views around the City owned by Superior Stays, with key viewpoints just a stones throw away. It’s primarily built for couples as it has just one bedroom, but thats what makes this Airbnb so incredible, it’s a nest amongst the Bath architecture.

This newly refurbished lookout perfect for couples is in the middle of the shopping district, when/if you leave your retreat you will find yourself next to Pulteney Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the whole of Somerset, and with that comes some of the best coffee shops in Bath, alongside some cosey walks down the river Avon should you want to escape the hustle and bustle.

This roof terrace comes with a HD TV, a dishwasher, a washing machine and tumble drier for when you come back from the Thermae Spa. It also comes with a printer, Wifi and a coffee machine should you want to use this as a “work’s retreat”.

The bedroom is where the magic happens, fitted with luxury soft 100% goose down bedding with a large wardrobe, another HD TV and direct access to the balcony. The only thing to be aware of is the noise from seagulls, especially in the summer. As someone who has moved around the city renting different places for many years, rooftops are known for being a popular location for seagulls to nest, breed and be a nuisance.

If you’re looking for one of the best Airbnb’s in Bath to take your partner or friend, this is one of the most luxurious that the city has to offer.

2. Riverside Escape With Views

riverside airbnb bath

This incredible Airbnb is located just off of Pulteney Street, a few doors down from where I personally use to live a few years ago, so I am a little biased about this one!

This is a two bedroom, six guest Airbnb with a premium, high end feel, featuring incredible views of the weir, it has been kitted out with luxury interior, and there’s plenty of space for you to relax, read and zone out.

This is one that we highly recommend for those of you that are planning a hen do without a budget. Just like the previous entry on this list it has the perfect location, allowing you to walk straight out to the bars, there’s incredible restaurants below your room, and a short two minute walk will get you to the Roman Baths.

If you are thinking of cooking up a storm in the Airbnb, then that is no problem at all, this flat houses a full blown kitchen and dining area, making it perfect for baking, making a quick lunch or inventing some new cocktails with friends and family.

When you open up the classic Georgian windows, you’ll not only see the wier, but you’ll also hear it too, filling the room with incredible noises of water flowing and the tourists laughing.

Overall, it’s a great choice for those of you that are having a small get together and want something fancy to enjoy the city in! Carry on walking up Pulteney Street and you will find the Holburne Museum, with an incredible walk up the canal to one of the best pubs in Bath known as The George Inn. They do incredible festive menu’s in the Winter.

3. Georgian Town House With Spa & Hot Tub

bath airbnb hot tub

The city of Bath rarely builds high, the city has a height cap on buildings, but because most properties in the cities were built with large underground basements, many Airbnbs have used it to their advantage.

The first being this incredible Georgian Townhouse that features an underground Spa with a steam room and a large hot tub that can fit up to five people at once.

This property is located down London Road, a 15 minute walk from the City centre, and it can sleep up to 16 people… Yes, you read that correctly this multi-story townhouse is one of the largest Airbnbs in the city, with tonnes of amenities, lots of bedrooms and most importantly, lots of space.

This isn’t a location for party goers, it’s aimed at large families (because of the bunk beds) who want to explore a new city together. It has been decorated in period style with many incredible pieces of furniture to try out.

Just behind the property you’ll also final the canal, and as mentioned previously, this takes you on a lovely walk to a local pub in just 15 minutes.

This is by far one of the best Airbnb’s in Bath, but also one of the most expensive due to the sheer amount of people it can sleep. It’s completely worth it though, the owners have done an incredible job, and it makes you feel like you’re living in a Bath property many years ago.

4. Brunswick Penthouse With Views

bath airbnb penthouse with views

We have another Penthouse on this best Airbnb’s in Bath list, this time it’s built for a family of four due tot he two bedrooms and two bathrooms that this rental has to offer.

It’s also situated at the top of town, closer to the Circus, the best bars, and a short walk away from the Crescent, one of Bath’s most stunning pieces of architecture.

This Airbnb has incredible panoramic views of the city and is fitted with Georgian loft-style decor with original timber and stone walls being shown to give you an authentic, stylish experience.

This apartment was actually awarded 5 stars by Visit England, so that has to say something! The view, and the open view plays a big part to that, alongside the plate glass and cool granite stone which makes the whole room cool down in the hot summers.

It’s a small cosey retreat amongst the roofs, with clean and modern design to make you feel at home. This is a great choice for a family, or a small get together with friends and family, just remember there’s lot of stairs, so don’t pack too much in your bags!

5. Contemporary With A Panorama View

bath airbnb with a view

Just a 10 minute walk away from SouthGate (the main shopping district) is this stunning location which has four bedrooms that can sleep up to a total of 8 people, perfect for large families or small gatherings.

The large living room offers huge bi-fold doors which gives you access to the long balcony that use panoramic views of the Bath skyline from over the river, you can walk up the Avon River too, with access just 5 minutes away from this Airbnb!

On the ground floor is two double bedrooms with a family bathroom, and then upstairs you’ll find the open plan space which is perfect for hosting movie nights, pre-drinks, or for relaxing.

The kitchen is kitted out with all the gear you will need to cook, bake, or mix up some cocktails alongside a very fancy Dolce Gusto coffee machine to enjoy on the balcony.

Overall, it’s a great affordable place for a large group that’s just a stones throw away from all the shopping you’ll ever need.

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