5 Best Hostels In Bath In 2023

best hostels in bath

If you are looking to travel to Bath on a budget, then it might be worth visiting some of the best hostels in Bath.

These hostels have affordable rooms, easy access to the city centre and are great places to meet like minded individuals while you travel.

I have explored many countries on a budget, and hostels are my go to when I want to save some extra money to spend on other experiences within the city, and I have even tested a number of them on this list to see what they have to offer.

So below are the best hostels in Bath, let’s takes a look!

1. YHA

Without a doubt the YHA Bath is one of the best hostels in Bath. It features very affordable prices, lots of open outdoor space and dishes up some greathot food, ready for you to consume before you head out travelling.

This hostels is also typically well maintained, with fresh sheets, frequent cleaning and great toilets, which is rare in affordable hostels these days.

One of the great selling points of the YHA in Bath is the fact that it has a lot of open space and is nestled in classic Bathonian architecture that has a great outdoor space that is well used in the summer months.

It is situated a short walk from the city centre, keeping you away from the busy streets and the (at times) loud nightlife. It also received a £2.5m investment in 2018 to give it a much needed modern overhaul.

This was put towards a lot of upgrades such as new cooking spaces, sturdier beds, more staff and a minimal check-in area.

This is the place to go if you don’t mind a short walk, want the best value for money when its comes to hostels, and new modern cooking areas that stay clean!

Shared rooms start at approximately £20.00 per night, and private rooms start at approximately £39.00 per night.

Booking Information

Address: Bathwick Hill, Bathwick, Bath, BA26LA

Phone Number: 0345 371 9303


ymca hostel bath

This is one of the best hostels in Bath for those looking for a place to stay that is affordable and located in the centre of Bath.

YMCA has been in Bath for many years and attracts thousands of travellers throughout the seasons, and that’s for good reason.

It can has a lot of beds, creating an awesome travellers atmosphere for you meet new people, it has a gym which even some of the best hotels and best airbnbs in Bath do not have, and it’s a stone throw away from the pubs.

It’s a great place for solo travellers and large groups should you be travelling with friends, or you want to stay somewhere for a couple of nights on a stag do or hen do.

It has very basic cooking facilities, average bathrooms (which is to be expected at this price range) and they even have mixed dorms with up to 14 people, so you can expect to meet lots of new friendly faces too!

Prices start at around £22.95 per night. This increased depending on what size room you select.

Booking Information

Address: International House, Broad St Pl, Bath, BA15LH

Phone Number: 01225 325900

3. St Christopher’s Inn

st christophers hostel bath

St Christopher’s Inn is the place to be if you are looking for a party hostel. Not only because its filled with lovely outgoing backpackers, but because it’s also located just above one of the liveliest bars in Bath, known as Belushi’s.

They feature a wide number of dorms, up to 12 people in the largest rooms and each come with good basic facilities like lockers, plugs, bathrooms and windows out onto the lively streets.

If you book through their website they’ll even chuck in breakfast for free! Prices start at approximately £20.00 per night.

They also have a handful of private rooms should you want a double bed or are travelling with a small group. This is the best hostel in Bath for those that want to experience the nightlife and be introduced to like-minded outgoing individuals.

The bar below is great too, it has a wide selection of beverages, holds beer pong competitions and even has private tables with individual TV’s for watching the latest sports!

Booking Information

Address: 9 Green Street, Bath, BA12JY

Phone Number: 01225 481444

4. Bath Backpackers

bath backpackers hostel

Bath Backpackers is located just a 1 minute walk from the train station, making it a great choice for those looking for a quick stay to rest the legs for a couple of days.

It doesn’t have the best cooking facilities on this list we will be honest but its an easy place to rest if you’re happy buying food out instead of using their own cooking area.

It has a good amount of living space to relax in outside of your room, for example a living area and even a “dungeon games room” that features books, a pool table and board games.

Prices start at approximately £30 per night.

Booking Information

Address: 13 Pierrepont St, Bath, BA11LA

Phone Number: 01225 446787

5. Travelodge

travelodge bath

Now i know what you are thinking, Brandon that’s not a hostel! I know, but here me out.

Prices start at approximately £34.99 per night, making it just as affordable as many of the hostels on this list! Admittedly in a hostel you get to meet many interesting folk, there are far less rules and you get a far better “experience” from them.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about potentially visiting an affordable hotel within the city. Travelodge have incredibly comfortable beds, your own room, free breakfast in the morning and they are kept incredibly clean.

It’s not a long term sustainable way of travelling because prices do fluctuate far more than your typical hostel, but it’s worth checking for cheap rates and off-peak days for you to relax in.

Bath have two Travelodge’s, but our favourite is the one at the top of time, right next to incredible bars, sushi restaurants and nightclubs.

Booking Information

Address: 1 York Buildings, George St, Bath, BA12EB

Phone Number: 08719846219

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